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a poem from a few months ago

say goodbye and fall apart
shut the door and break her heart
just walk away and don’t look back
you’ll never know the pain she feels
this will her haunt her in her dreams for years
of spinning lights and hurried voices
and choices that she didn’t make
and blood they said they had to take
as they told her that she mustn’t move - she must always be a good girl

turn off the lights and bow your head
pray that when you wake you’ll see
the same number of wheelchairs in the hall
and no body bags in South Hall 3
close your eyes and start to count
what’s the point in fighting now?
one demon first and then the next - she can’t always be a brave girl

she can’t always be what you want her to be
but she’s trying to be so strong
a lullaby by EKG, a steady beeping leads her on
into the night, one day at a time, this one, then the next
she’s not as helpless as you take her for, (give her some paper, hand her a pen...)

many come in through those hospital doors, many find solace in hospital beds
but not all that enter and reside on those floors get up the next morning and leave

so don’t expect her to get much sleep tonight, no, she’s got too many words to write
of hurried voices and spinning lights - her life in South Hall 3

no, don’t expect her to get much sleep tonight, she has far too many words to write,
she knows she needs to leave something behind - a memoir of death in South Hall 3
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