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The Battlefield

I wrote this angry. I stand by it still. It was only afterward that I realized that it could be used as a part of my White Oleander project for English Lit. All I had to do was add the words "Mother Dear" at the end. If you read it you'll understand.

If you read it you might understand alot. I don't know, it's still rough, but it isn't terrible. See for yourself, I guess.

Don’t Yell.
I can hear you
A single foot of distance between us
On this battlefield

This Is WAR.
A battle of wills
You may be bigger
But I know I’m stronger
Have you my resolve?
The air between us cracks
The storm is rising
You are the THUNDER, the wind and the rain
But I am the lightning.

I Won’t STAND DOWN Today.
I will not fall this time
These words will not pierce me any longer
My spirit has grown stronger
Than ANYTHING you can conceive
Your limited imagination
Holds you back where it sets me free

You Think You’ve Won.
You’ve no idea
What’s inside my head
Burns you, BREAKS you
The way you think you’ve broken me
But you’re the failure you see in me
And I remain standing
DEFIANT, a beam of steel

If you are the Night, Mother Dear,
I am the spark of the DAWN.
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