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I'm tired of writing every song about you

Name: Katy Prairie

Pen name (if different from above):

Age: 18

Why you write: to say how i feel/tell my stories

Favorite author: Stephen Chobosky, Francesca Lia Block, Sarah Dessen

Good quote: i don't want to be seen as a pretty thing, because its the pretty things that we're always breaking

Why you are applying to The Unarmed Mind: i enjoy writing/sharing writing and also reading other people's work

Exerpt from something you wrote (keep it short but let is still show a good example of your work): Sometimes
Sometimes in the winter I like to make snow angels. The angels always remind me of my Aunt Marion because she always liked angels; she even collected them. I remember she died when I was in grade school; she was dying of cancer and we all knew it. For the last few weeks of her life we spent as much of our time with her in her hospice (a hospital-like room for people who are dying and there’s nothing you can do medically to save them any longer so they get put in these rooms to have living made easier for them until they die) and on the day that she died I left to go to a parent teacher conference at my grade school and I never made it back in time to say one last goodbye. She was cremated and put into an angel statue to rest forever. On those days when I sometimes make snow angels I like think about her and say goodbye one more time.</i>

Promote us. Give us the link of where you promoted us: i tried but the banner didn't work here's the attempt: http://blueeyes628.livejournal.com/347187.html?mode=reply

Lastly, a picture of you being awesome: Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
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