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In the beginning there was a vast and desparate nothing, the universe an abandoned and dusty attic stirred only on occasion by an unhappy sigh from the God who sat within, heavy with glory and cosmic loneliness.

"I will make a friend for myself," He said into this void one day, and out of that despicable nothing, he created man. Concieved in God's image, Man was never intended to be alone, and so he turned to God and complained of the horrible feelings of emptiness which bereaved him:

"give me someone that I may love and be loved by," Man demanded.

"Am I not enough?" replied God in deject mourning, and out of Man's desirous chest reluctantly crafted Woman from heart and clay. This pleased man, and he spoke to God no further, so that one day when God could stand it no longer he approached Man in his most humble and earthly attire.

"My name is Jesus," He said to Man and the numerous others that Man had since gone on to create himself. "See that I am like you and want to love you still."

Man, not even compassionate enough to explain that he no longer valued love, could not be bothered and killed God. So started the the age of the sun children and the heathen star which they worshipped.

part I of II, perhaps III.
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