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Ramblings of an Unarmed Mind

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Here is a place for writers to post their work. It can be fiction, non-fiction, poetry, art, whatever.

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1. Please sign your name at the bottom of each peice.
2. Comment on other's work. Only constructive criticism please. People are posting their work so be supportive. Rude comments/people will not be tolerated. Those comments/posts will be deleted and posting ability taken away.
3. Post everything behind an lj-cut with the lj-cut as the title. Also put the title in the title for the post.
4. Promo's are ok as long as they are behind a cut with promo for the lj-cut name.
5. E-mail me with any questions.
6. Vote on other's apps. Don't be brutally. mean but if you don't think somebody should be accepted then say so.

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1. Apply ASAP after joining.
2. Put Newbie as the title for the lj-cut.
3. Don't be an ass you will probably get accepted.
4. Don't post or comment until you are accepted unless you are commenting on your app.
5. If rejected you can reapply in 13 days.

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Name: Mira
Location: My room here in Holt. Oh the joys of a laptop
Lj username: sicklullabies
Me: I'm 15. Don't let that fool you. I'm your "typical" high school student and hating it. I write, who doesn't? I like markers and chinese food. My room looks like something exploded but my computer is very organized. I'm totally not emo but my friends and I love to pretend we are. Yay! Movies are a great waste of time. Big band is good for soul, so is dancing in parking lots with the lift gate up.
sn: fihrsootdo

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Pen name (if different from above):


Why you write:

Favorite author:

Good quote:

Why you are applying to The Unarmed Mind:

Exerpt from something you wrote (keep it short but let is still show a good example of your work):

Promote us. Give us the link of where you promoted us:

Lastly, a picture of you being awesome:

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